Metronidazole Injection Pharmaceutical Transfusion Colorless Transparent Liquid

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BBCA
Certification: GMP
Model Number: BBCA18022607
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Packaging Details: 40 Glass Bottles/Carton
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Metronidazole Injection Pharmaceutical Transfusion Colorless Transparent Liquid


1. Product Name: Pharmaceutical Transfusion Pharmaceutical Grade Metronidazole Injection



2. Component: This article main ingredients for metronidazole.



3. Appearance: This product is colorless or nearly colorless transparent liquid.



4. Indications:  This product is mainly used for the treatment of anaerobic bacteria infection.


5. Specifications: 100ml: 0.5g


6. Usage and Dosage:


Intravenous drip.
  1.  adults often usage: anaerobic bacteria infection, intravenous drug delivery for the first time in 15 mgMetronidazole Injection Pharmaceutical Transfusion Colorless Transparent Liquid body weight (70 kg adult is 1 g, 2 bottles), maintain the quantity according to the weight of 7.5 mgMetronidazole Injection Pharmaceutical Transfusion Colorless Transparent Liquid, intravenous drip every six to eight hours at a time.
  2.  children often usage: anaerobic bacteria infection with adult dose.


7. Contraindications:  Active central nervous system disorders and blood diseases is disabled.


8. Pharmacological mechanisms:


Quickly reach peak after intravenous drug delivery.Protein binding rate < 5%, after absorbing widely distributed in various tissues and fluids, and can pass the blood brain barrier, effective drug concentration can appear in saliva, placenta, bile, milk, amniotic fluid, semen, urine, pus and cerebrospinal fluid.Reports, drugs in the placenta and milk is similar to blood drug concentration, concentration of bile.Healthy blood drug concentration in cerebrospinal fluid in the blood drug concentration for the same period 43%.Concentration can last 12 hours.This product by the kidney from 60% to 80%, about 20% of the prototype drug from the eduction in urine, the rest to metabolites (25% glucuronic acid, 14% other metabolic binders) form of urine.10% with droppings.14% from the skin excretion.


9. Storage: Protect from light, airtight preservation.



10. Package: 100ml/glass bottle; 40 glass bottles/carton



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