Good Facial Adhesion Personal Care Medical Supplies KN95 Medical Mask For Adult Child

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BBCA
Model Number: GB 19083-2010
Minimum Order Quantity: 100,000
Delivery Time: 30DAYS
Supply Ability: 500000
Function: Good Facial Adhesion Type: Personal Care Medical Supplies
Name: KN95 Medical Mask Application: For Adult Child
Model: GB 19083-2010 Color: White
High Light:

disposable medical mask


non woven face mask

Personal Care Medical Supplies KN95 Medical Mask For Adult Child,



1. Basic requirements for masks:
The mask should cover the wearer's nose and mouth, and should have good facial adhesion. There should be no holes, stains on the surface, and no breathing valve.
2. Nose Clip:
1) Nose clips should be provided on the mask.
2) The nose clip should be adjustable.
3. Mask belt:
1) Mask belts should be easy to adjust.
2) There should be sufficient strength to fix the position of the mask. The breaking strength of the connection point between each mask belt and the mask body should not be less than 10N.

4. Filtration efficiency:
At a gas flow rate of 85L / min, the filtering efficiency of the mask for non-oily particles should meet the requirements of the following table.
Filtration efficiency level
Filtration efficiency (%)
Level 1
level 2
Level 3
5. Airflow resistance:
When the air flow rate is 85L / min, the suction resistance of the mask must not exceed 343.2Pa (35mm H2O).
6. Synthetic blood penetration:
After spraying 2ml of synthetic blood to the outer side of the mask at a pressure of 10.7kPa (80mmHg), the inner side of the mask should not penetrate.
7. Surface moisture resistance:
The registration of water on the outer surface of the mask should not be less than the level 3 requirements in GB / T 4745-1997.
8. Microbiological indicators:
1) Masks should meet the requirements of microbial indicators in GB 15979-2002, as shown in the table below.
Mask microbial indicators
Total bacterial colonies CFU / g
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Staphylococcus aureus
Hemolytic streptococcus
Total number of fungal colonies CFU / g
Cannot be checked out
Cannot be checked out
Cannot be checked out
Cannot be checked out
2) Masks with sterilization or sterility on the packaging logo should be sterile.
9. Residual ethylene oxide:
Ethylene oxide sterilized masks should have a residual ethylene oxide content of no more than 10 ug / g.
10. Flame retardant performance:
The materials used shall not be flammable and the afterflame time shall not exceed 5s.
11, skin irritation:
The mask material's primary stimulus score should not exceed 1.
12, closeness:
The mask design should provide good adhesion, and the overall fit factor of the mask should not be less than 100.

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