Powder for Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium for Injection

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BBCA
Certification: GMP
Model Number: BBCA18011526
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Packaging Details: 10VialsX100Boxes/Carton
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Place Of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: BBCA
Other Names: Powder For Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium For Injection Grade: Medicine Grade
Dosage Form: Injection
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pantoprazole sodium


pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate


1. Product Name: Powder for Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium for Injection


2. Component: This article main ingredients for cefazolin sodium.


3. Appearance: This product is white or kind of white powder or crystalline powder.Odourless.


4. Indications: Is suitable for the treatment of otitis media, bronchitis, pneumonia caused by sensitive bacteria and other respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, skin soft tissue infection, bone and joint infection, septicemia, infective endocarditis, infection of liver system and eye, ear, nose and throat infection.This product also can be used as the prevention of drug use before surgery.This product should not be used in the central nervous system infection.For chronic urinary tract infection, especially accompanied by urinary tract anatomy was abnormal curative effect is poorer.This product should not be used in the treatment of gonorrhea and syphilis.


5. Specifications: 0.5g


6. Usage and Dosage:

Adult commonly used dose: vein slowly push injection and intravenous drip or intramuscular injection, a 0.5 ~ 1 g, 2 ~ 4 times a day, serious infection can be increased to 6 g a day, 2 ~ 4 times give vein.Children are commonly used dose: 1, 50 to 100 mgPowder for Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium for Injection 0, 2 ~ 3 times vein slowly push note, intravenous drip or intramuscular injection.Creatinine clearance of the kidney function decline than 50 ml/minute, can still follow normal dosage of medicine.Creatinine clearance of 20 ~ 50 ml/minute, 0.5 g every 8 hours;Creatinine clearance is 11 ~ 34 ml/minute, 0.25 g per 12 hours;Creatinine clearance is less than 10 ml/minute, 0.25 g every 18 to 24 hours.All the different degree of the renal function impairment dose of 0.5 g for the first time.Pediatric renal function impairment is applied to cefazolin cemetery, first to 12.5 mgPowder for Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium for Injection 0, following in order to maintain, creatinine clearance at 70 ml /, still can be in accordance with the normal dose to give;Creatinine clearance is 40 ~ 70 ml/minute, every 12 hours by 12.5 ~ 30 mgPowder for Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium for Injection 0 body weight;Creatinine clearance is 20 ~ 40 ml/minute, every 12 hours by 3.1 ~ 12.5 mgPowder for Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium for Injection 0 body weight;Creatinine clearance is 5 ~ 20 ml/min, every 24 hours according to the weight 2.5 ~ 10 mgPowder for Injection GMP Certified Cefazolin Sodium for Injection 0.

This product is used to prevent infections after surgery, general for preoperative 0.5 ~ 1 hour and intramuscular injection or intravenous drug 1 g, operation time is more than six hours to add with 0.5 ~ 1 g, postoperative 0.5 ~ 1 g, every 6 ~ 8 hours to 24 hours after the surgery.


7. Contraindications: Allergic to cephalosporin and has a history of penicillin anaphylactic shock or immediate reaction to disable this product.


8. Pharmacological mechanisms: Intramuscular injection of this product after 500 mg, blood peak concentration (Cmax) by 1 ~ 2 hours up to 38 mg/L (32 ~ 42 mg/L), 6 hours of blood drug concentration can be measured 7 mg/L.Within 20 minutes of intravenous drip annotated product is 0.5 g, the blood medicine peak concentration of 118 mg/L, maintain effective concentration 8 hours.This product is difficult to through the blood - brain barrier, fails to detect drug concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid.Cefazolin in pleural effusion, ascites, pericardial fluid and the fluid of the slippery bursa can reach high levels.Basic and serum concentration of drug concentration in the inflammatory exudate is equal;Concentration is equal to or slightly more than the same period in bile blood drug concentration.Fetal blood drug concentration in maternal blood drug concentration of 70% ~ 90%, the content in milk is low.This product protein combined rate of 74% ~ 86%.The blood of normal adult elimination half-life (t1/2 beta) is 1.5 ~ 2 hours, the elderly can be extended to 2.5 hours.Renal failure in patients with t1/2 beta can prolong, endogenous creatinine clearance for 12 ~ 17 ml/min, and less than 5 ml/min for 12 hours and 57 hours respectively.Neonatal birth 1 weeks t1/2 beta 4.5 ~ 5 hours.This product is not in the body metabolism;Prototype medicine by glomerular filtration, partly by renal tubular secretion from the eduction in urine.24 hours can discharge the dosage of 80% ~ 90%.Probenecid can make the blood drug concentration increase about 30%, the effective blood drug concentration time extended.Hemodialysis blood drug concentration decreased by 40% ~ 50% after 6 hours;Peritoneal dialysis is generally not clear this product.


9. Storage: Enclosed in the cool dark (avoid light and stored within temperature of 20 ℃) dry place preservation.


10. Package: 10 Vials/Box; 100 Boxes/Carton

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