Sodium Chloride Injections ,Medicine Grade, Small Volume Injection 100ml / 250ml/500ml/plastica bottle/soft bag

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BBCA
Certification: GMP
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000/20000/30000
Price: 0.1-1USD/bottle/carton
Packaging Details: glass bottle/Polypropylene infusion bottle/Three-layer co-extruded infusion bag
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000/20000/30000 batch
Grade: Medice Appearance: Colorless Or Colorless Clear Liquid
Chemical Name: Nacl Molecular Weight: 58.44
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Pharmaceutical Transfusion Medicine Glass Bottle Packing Ofloxacin And Glucose Injection


1. Product Name: Pharmaceutical Transfusion Glass Bottle packing Ofloxacin and Glucose Injection


2. Component: Ofloxacin and glucose.Main ingredients: ofloxacin.


3. Appearance: Colorless or colorless clear liquid


4. Indications:

Suitable for sensitive bacteria caused by:
1. Urinary reproductive system infection, including simple and complicated urinary tract infection, bacterial prostatitis, bacteria neisseria gonorrhea urethritis and cervicitis (including enzyme production strains caused by).
2. Respiratory tract infections, including sensitive acute bronchial infection caused by gram-negative bacilli and lung infection.
3. Gastrointestinal tract infection, by shigella, salmonella and e. coli to produce enterotoxin, moisture, deputy hemolytic bacterium vibrio, etc.
4. Typhoid.
5. Bone and joint infections.
6. Skin soft tissue infection.
7. Sepsis and systemic infection.


5. Specifications: 

 50ml 0.45g  100ml 0.9g  250ml 2.25g  500ml 4.5g


6. Usage and Dosage:


Intravenous drip slowly.Adults often usage:
1.Bronchial infection, pulmonary infection: a 0.3 g, 2 times a day, treatment 7 ~ 14 days.
2.Acute simple lower urinary tract infection: a 0.2 g, 2 times a day, course of 5 to 7 days;Complexity urinary tract infection: a 0.2 g, 2 times a day, 10 ~ 14.
3.Prostatitis: a 0.3 g, 2 times a day, the course of six weeks;Chlamydia cervicitis or urethritis, a 0.3 g, 2 times a day, the course of 7 ~ 14 days.
4.Simple gonorrhea: 0.4 g at a time, a single dose.
5.Typhoid fever: a 0.3 g, 2 times a day, course of 10 ~ 14.
6.Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection or heavier infection: dose may be increased to 0.4 g, 2 times a day.


7. Drug interactions:


1.Urine, agents can reduce the product solubility in the urine, cause crystallization urine and kidney toxicity.
2.Quinolone antibacterial and theophylline class share may be due to combined with the cytochrome P450 when parts of a competitive inhibition, seriously reduce the liver to eliminate theophylline class, blood elimination half-life (t1/2 beta), blood drug concentration increases, theophylline poisoning symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, tremor, anxiety, excitement, convulsions, heart palpitations and so on.Metabolic effects of theophylline, although small, but share when should still determination of theophylline blood drug concentration and dose adjustment.
3.This product with ring spore share, can make the ring spore elevated blood drug concentration, must monitor ring spore blood concentration, and adjust the dosage.
4.This product and share the anti-clotting drug warfarin is smaller in the latter the anticoagulant effect of enhanced, but also should closely monitor patients when sharing the prothrombin time.
5.Probenecid can reduce the product since the renal tubular secretion by about 50%, when share can produce because of the product increased blood levels of toxicity.
6.The product can interfere with the metabolism of caffeine, which can lead to eliminate caffeine reduce, eliminate blood half-life (t1/2 beta) extended, and the central nervous system toxicity may be produced.


8. Contraindications: This article and fluoroquinolone drug allergy patients disabled.


9. Pharmacological mechanisms: The product widely distributed to the group after the treatment, body fluids, organizations often more than the concentration of blood drug concentration and effective level.This product can be through the placental barrier.Protein binding rate of 20% ~ 25%.
This product mainly prototype medicine since renal excretion, a small amount (3%) in hepatic metabolism.Urine metabolites are rare.This product to prototype from feces to remove a small amount, 24 hours a day and 48 hours after the treatment the cumulative discharge of dosage of 1.6% and 1.6% respectively.This product can also be through breast milk secretion.


10. Storage: Protect from light, airtight preservation.


11. Package: 100ml/glass bottle; 40 glass bottles/carton

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